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Marching Band Donations

It takes a lot of hard work by the students, music director, instructional staff, and volunteers to make the marching band season successful. But in addition to that, it takes financial support. In a typical season, the costs for the season can run $30,000 or more. Your donations go to help cover these costs, which is why we ask for a voluntary donation of $500 per participating student.

Where does the money go?

The money from your donation goes towards providing the students with the best possible experience in marching band. The money pays for coaches who help instruct our students during the season, entry fees and transportation for competitions, food and drink for the students, and finally instrument and uniform maintenance.

Please help us make this season the best possible experience for your students!

New This Year: Payment Plans!

One-time Payment of $500

We understand that everyone's financial situation is different, so this year we've introduced payment plans, to allow donors to split up the costs over time. We have three different payment plan options: 2 monthly payments of $250, 3 monthly payments of $167, or 4 payments of $125 every three weeks. Use a debit or credit card with one of these options, and the payments will automatically be charged to your card based on the plan you select. No further action on your part is needed.

2 Monthly Payments of $250

3 monthly payments of $167

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