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Marching Band Camp 2023

Drum Major Camp TBD

Leadership Camp: July 20st. 8-4 PM

Newbie Camp: July 21at 8-3 PM

Band Camp Week 1: July 24-28 8-8 PM

Band Camp Week 2: July 31-April 4 12-8 PM

Aug 4: 12-5 PM Rehearsal, 5-6 PM Potluck Dinner, 6-8 PM Band Olympics

This is a fun and social way for all students to be introduced to the musical and physical demands required for the Marching Band activity, as well as to build team skills and relationships.

All Marching Band students are required to attend, with their instruments (which will be checked out the first day of band camp,) workout attire, athletic shoes, sunscreen and plenty of water.

Students should bring healthy snacks and a lunch. During the week of July 25- July 29 (8 AM -8 PM rehearsals) students will have both a lunch and a dinner break.

I'm looking forward to next season!

2022-2023 Auditions


Auditions will be due April 30th for the 2022-2023 school year. The auditions for incoming students will be a video recording of you playing all 12 of your major scales. If you do not know all 12 of your major scales, play as many as you know.  For incoming students this is only required if you are interested in admission into one of the higher level ensembles: Wind Ensemble, Advanced Orchestra, or Jazz Band. If you are not interested in one of the higher level ensembles you should sign up for Symphonic Band or String Orchestra.

Video auditions will be submitted via google drive no later than 11:59 on May 6th.

In the beginning of your video you will state what class you are auditioning for.

“My name is Mr. Krause and I will be auditioning for wind ensemble and jazz band.”

If you are auditioning on a rhythm instrument for jazz you must submit a video of you playing along with two different jazz standards. They should be in contrasting styles such as swing and latin.

Link to Google Drive:

-Mr. Krause

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